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Honor Organic Body Scrubs

Your body is your home, defend it with Honor with 100% natural coffee scrubs.

Our bodies face daily challenges from the environments we live and work in, did you know that your skin is the largest organ of the body? Our skin is what protects us from microbes and the elements, so why not give it the best nature has provided - knowing that what your putting on your skin won't harm your skin, your wallet or the environment. We know it's hard to find a body scrub product for your skin that doesn't contain all those unnatural ingredients...do we know for sure these products don't cause long term harm?

We have created a business around premium body coffee scrubs that will love your skin, that are made from nature and they are affordable enough to use frequently. Our coffee scrub products give you the chance to honor your body by giving it nourishment and leaving your skin feeling silky smooth by only using natural ingredients. Our range of coffee scrub products contain no parabens or chemicals, and don't harm you or the environment. 

Is it Honor or Honour?

There are two ways to spell Honor/Honour....depending on where you are from. We are from New Zealand, so technically we should be using the letter 'U', but we chose to spell it without the 'U' as we named our scrub after our youngest daughter, Honor. Her name is also how we believe you should treat your body. You should honor your body by providing it with the best natural, premium, organic ingredients that Mother nature has had many years to perfect.

Not only do we like to look after your body and the environment, but we also believe the people that produce and source the natural ingredients that go into our skincare products should receive a fair wage for their effort. This is why we use fair trade ingredients where possible in our coffee scrub and other natural skincare products.

Thanks for stopping by and giving us the honor of trying our coffee body scrub products. We aim to have the most satisfied customers in the industry so please contact us if you have any questions, or share our body scrubs with your friends and family so they can also discover how their skin should feel.


Honor Body Scrubs