Thanks, Mum...I turned out awesome

Thanks, Mum...I turned out awesome

18 April , 2016 0 Comments

Mother's Day - Love Your Mum

Mother’s Day is fast approaching ( in NZ it’s Sunday 8th May, in-case you're wondering…..go on, you better write it down so you don’t forget), some believe it to be just another over-commercialised ‘made-up’ holiday like Valentine's Day or Father’s Day and shun materialistic gifts, and some like to go to great lengths (or expense) to show or demonstrate their love and appreciation. Regardless of whether you do one or the other, there are many great ways to show Mum this Mother’s Day how you love, value and appreciate her.


 Breakfast or Brunch

1. Make her Breakfast or Brunch.

Why not flex those culinary skills and whip up a healthy and delish breakfast or brunch for ya Mum. If you want to get a little bit fancy, go for it. Decorate the table with a vase of flowers and a nice table cloth. Remember, it’s the little things that will make it special.


 Scrap Book or Photo Book

2. Make her a Scrapbook or Photo Book

If you are a creative/visual type, then express your heartfelt gratitude by giving Mum a scrapbook or photo book full of good memories and touching times. Scrapbooks are easy to create and you can pick up a kit from your local crafting shop, book stores or department stores. Photobooks are also just as easy to create and these days there are a host of providers/suppliers where you can do them online. So scan in some of your favourite photos of just you and your Mum and start designing.



3. Sign her up to a wine of the month club…

Wine is to women as duct tape is to men... it fixes everything. Or for mums who prefer hops to tannins, a beer of the month club perhaps. If Mum is not into her alcoholic beverages, then a subscription to her favourite magazine to get her inspired, be it gardening, cuisine, fashion or DIY!


 Flower Garden

4. Help her plant a garden….no matter how small

From kitting out a greenhouse to setting up a kitchen herb garden together, it’ll be like you gave her a year’s supply of flowers/herbs/whatever else belongs in a's the gift that keeps on giving. (I know….it sounds cheesy but it's true!)


Treat Yourself At Home

5. You can’t go past some good ol’ R&R….(that’s Rest and Relaxation)

Give your Mum the gift of a good night's sleep with a comforting eye mask, or the gift of relaxation or time (see our previous blog post on “How to treat yourself at home”). Being a Mum is a 24/7 career, think maybe she would like to take a break for herself?



6. Shopping!

Shopping is every girl's favorite word! I'm sure mums falls in that category too! Try on clothes together, give each other opinions on what to wear and what not to wear. And if you don't want to spend money then you can just indulge in some window shopping. Try things out for the heck of it. It's fun and you get to keep your money!


 Girl Talk

7. Talk and listen to her (One to one girl talk)

It’s not rocket science. Your mum loves to chat and spend time with you. She wants to hear about what is going on in your life, what you've been doing, etc. Share with her. More importantly ask your mum about her life, and really listen to her. If you don't live in the same town as your mum, bring her into the 21st century and teach her how to video chat! She'll be thrilled to see your smiling face, instead of just hearing your voice over the phone.

So, now you’re armed with a handful of meaningful and thoughtful gift ideas for your mummy dearest this Mother’s Day….C’mon, you can do better than a facebook post, a card with cheesy literature and don’t settle for the cliche box of chocolates’ either.
If the above hasn’t inspired you to do something for your mum then maybe this inspiring video will. It pretty much sums up what I’m trying to say.

Word to your Mum!


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